Eastern Yellow Wagtail

Motacilla tschutschensis

An annual, though not common spring migrant in the Pribilofs, this species may be seen as early as mid-May or as late as mid-June, with a peak from the last few days of May through June 10th. There are few summer records with several late spring records in late June and early July and no more until the first records of southbound migrants in late July and early August. This species is more common and reliable during fall migration with regular sightings by August 15th and a peak migration period during the final week of August. Individuals may be found sporadically through the first 10 days of September, with only a few records after that time and only a couple individuals staying as late as October.

Photo by Nat Drumheller
Photo by Cory Gregory
Photo by Sulli Gibson
Photo by Sulli Gibson