Olive-backed Pipit

Anthus hodgsoni

Another rare-but-regular Asian vagrant that can be found during the spring and fall, this species has proven to be most regular in recent years during the fall. Spring records are scattered from late May to mid-June with May 25th-June 5th likely the best overall time for this species, with a a single summer record pertaining to lingering individuals from the spring. While fall records have been found from early September to mid-October, they are concentrated in later September and early October with September 20th-October 5th being the best time to look for this species in the Pribilofs.

Olive backed Pipit by Phil Chaon 1024x683 - Olive-backed Pipit
Photo by Phil Chaon
Olive backed Pipit by Craig Robson 1024x884 - Olive-backed Pipit
Photo by Craig Robson
Olive backed Pipit by Cory Gregory 1024x679 - Olive-backed Pipit
Photo by Cory Gregory
Olive backed Pipit by Sulli Gibson 1024x683 - Olive-backed Pipit
Photo by Sulli Gibson
Olive backed Pipit by Doug Gochfeld 1024x369 - Olive-backed Pipit
Photo by Doug Gochfeld
Olive backed Pipit by Linda Widdop 1024x683 - Olive-backed Pipit
Photo by Linda Widdop