White-crowned Sparrow

Zonotrichia leucophrys

White-crowned Sparrows are accidental in the Pribilofs during spring and rare in fall. It is likely that with better and more extensive coverage of the island during September this species will be found to be more numerous. All records to date pertain to the Alaskan breeding subspecies, gambelii. Spring records are from late May, and fall records are from mid-September through October. Some care should be taken in identifying this species, as most records are of first-winter birds, which are somewhat similar to the much more numerous Golden-crowned Sparrow. Some good features to look for on White-crowned Sparrow are the broad pale supercilium, dark stripe extending behind the eye and brown auriculars. These features are not shard by Golden-crowned Sparrow (which can lack yellow on the crown in first-year plumage). To find this and other passerines in fall repeatedly check sheltered areas, such as Zapadnie Ravine, Kaminista, Polovina Hill, the Crab Pots, Webster House and Hutchinson Hill. Look especially in areas were the wild celery has attained good height

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