Wood Sandpiper 

Tringa glareola

This is the most numerous species of Asian shorebird in the Pribilof Islands. If the winds are from the west, during the last two weeks of May or first ten days of June, visiting birders can almost expect that one or more Wood Sandpipers will be on the island. Occasionally Wood Sandpipers can occur in huge numbers, as in 1998, when over 130 were found in the wet fields of Novastoshna. On a typical year somewhere between 4 and 15 Woodies are detected in spring. Wood Sandpipers have occurred in summer, and juveniles show up in fall (August-early September) almost annually. Wood Sandpipers resemble small, dull legged Lesser Yellowlegs with prominent superciliums, a bright white rump and mostly white tail, and pale underwings. Wood Sandpipers are most often detected during “pond stomps” when visiting birders walk around the island’s lakes, trying to flush birds out of the emergent vegetation. Often when flushed, Wood Sandpipers will quickly ascend into the sky giving a series of sharp notes, and then will actually sing before dropping back down into the sedges. Check all Wood Sandpipers for the rare possibility of a Solitary or Green Sandpiper. Both of these species will be substantially darker above, lacking prominent superciliums and possessing dark wing linings.