Yellow-rumped Warbler

Setophaga coronata

This species is a very rare spring migrant/vagrant that has been found from mid-May to mid-June, with most records from May 25th-June 5th. It is more common in the fall when it is a rare migrant from late August to late October. It is a late migrant and is most commonly found in the fall from September 15th-October 5th, with very few records from August or the first week of September. The majority of the October records come from the first week of the month, though a late month record indicates this hardy species may occur into late fall on occasion.

Yellow rumped Warbler by Cory Gregory - Yellow-rumped Warbler
Photo by Cory Gregory
Yellow rumped Warbler by Stephan Lorenz 1024x617 - Yellow-rumped Warbler
Photo by Stephan Lorenz
Yellow rumped Warbler by Scott Schuette 1024x683 - Yellow-rumped Warbler
Photo by Scott Schuette
Yellow rumped Warbler by Aaron Lang 1024x682 - Yellow-rumped Warbler
Photo by Aaron Lang